Christina Ferguson- Journal 2


Character Quotation
Her mother Josie is slightly frightened of her mother’s naivety. She is strict however loving. He also believes her mother to be one of the most beautiful women in the world (pg. 10).


Her father



She is slightly inquisitive about her father and although does want to get to know him she also despises him at first because he abandoned her mother.



Josie believes that her nonna worries too much and that she has no respect for other people’s privacy (pg.37). She drives Josie crazy and is too cultured.
Jacob Coote



 She thinks that even though he is beautiful ‘eyes are green and are always laughing’ (p27). She also believes that she is better than them as can be seen when she says ‘we think we’re better than them’ (pg. 26). She also dislikes him because he through 2 eggs at her and broke her glasses.
Poison Ivy



She hate ivy (pg.21) and thinks she’s a bore and loves to prove her wrong and believes her to be a privileged rich white kid.
John Barton



She thinks that john is perfect and that he is the greatest debater to ever live (pg. 41). She believes that he is honest and one of the most real people (pg. 42)




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