Chyka Steer- Journal 2

Her mother- 

“My mother and I have a pretty good relationship if a bit erratic”(pg 5)

Her father –

“He had a strength about him… He looked like an intellectual and so sure of himself.” (pg 38-39)


‘It’s not the youth of today, Nonna.’

‘It’s you and people like you. Always worrying about what others think.’ (pg 37)

Jacob Coote-

My friends think he’s gorgeous. His hair is brown shoulder length, not cut to any particular style, and his eyes are green and always seem to be laughing at you” (pg 27)

Poison Ivy-

“Ivy reckons she’s a living doll” (pg 49)

John Barton-

Picture this. School captain of St Anthony’s. Son of a member of parliament. The greatest debater who ever lived. Good looking. Popular. Tell me, what more I want out of life?”(pg 41)



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