Hannah Borrett- blog post 2


Character Quotation
Her mother “Don’t you say anything bad about my mother,” I yelled, getting off the bike quickly. “She’s a good mother.” (p.106)



Her father



“But he looked so strong and I actually pictured him picking me up as a child and that really got on my nerves, because I didn’t want to picture him in such an affectionate way.” (Pg. 68)



“My grandmother’s meddling could put Mother Theresa in a bad mood.” (p.12)
Jacob Coote



“I would have never thought that Jacob Coote would be passionate like that.” (p.
Poison Ivy



“We hate each other’s guts, probably because we’ve been competitive all our lives.” (p.21)


John Barton




“School captain of St Anthony’s. Son of member of parliament. Greatest debater who ever lived. Good-looking. Popular. Tell me, what more could I want out of life?”  (p. 41)



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