Natalya Byrne- Journal 2

Her mother “She has a beautiful olive complexion. She’s tall slender with very manageable hair.” page 10
Her father “But he looked so strong and I actually pictured him picking me up as a child and that really got on my nerves, because I didn’t want to picture him in such an affectionate way.” pg. 68
Nonna “My grandmother’s meddling could put Mother Theresa in a bad mood.” pg 12
Jacob Coote “My friends think he’s gorgeous. His hair is brown shoulder length, not cut to any particular style, and his eyes are green and always seem to be laughing at you.” Page 27
Poison Ivy “She’s one of those girls with perfect white skin and not one split end in her strawberry-blonde hair. We hate each other’s guts” page 21.
John Barton “It’s the honesty and realness about him that I love. It’s written on his face like a script.” Pg. 42

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