Madeleine Fee- Blog post 3

Michael Andretti’s attitude towards Josie is cold and distant. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want a daughter because he thinks that she will mess up his life. He says how he doesn’t want this problem in his life and that Josie is a ‘complication’. However he does ask if they need money and offers to set up a fund for her. Josie hears what Michael Andretti says and also realises that she doesn’t want her father to come into her life if he treats her so rudely. Josie tells him to stop pretending that she doesn’t exist. She then makes it clear that she doesn’t like him when he calls her Josie and she says that he must call her Josephine as only people close to her are allowed to call her Josie. She then tells him to say away as she thinks that he will hurt her mother.




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