Pascale Healy- Journal 3

Michael Andretti is adamant on not having Josie in his life because he thinks she will be a ‘complication’. He doesn’t want anything to do with Josie or Christina and doesn’t take their desires into consideration. He is happy with his current life and doesn’t want anything to get in the way. Josephine and her mother despise his meanness and agree to not wanting him in their lives as he seems ungrateful and rude. Josie is also worried that she or her mother will become upset over Michael and will do anything so that it doesn’t happen. Michael might have acted rudely and bluntly because he had only recently found out that he had a daughter, this was a huge event in his life and he didn’t know exactly what to do, he thought the best thing to do was to act like she didn’t exist. He never wanted a daughter when he and Christina were together and still didn’t want one now, especially when he was dating someone else, living in another state and creating a different life to the one he had shared with Christina. Josie didn’t expect that having a father would mean he would hate her and not want her in his life. Josie’s circumstances are very different to those if she had had a father from birth, she will never know what this type of relationship feels like but she will experience something quite different.


One thought on “Pascale Healy- Journal 3

  1. whilst your points in this paragraph were very good, it did not follow the TEEL structure and you did not provide any quotes as evidence from the book. Try and closely follow the TEEL structure, particularly the topic and link, and include direct quotes from the book (which page number reference e.g. p. 23) to strengthen your paragraph.


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