Sarah Stockley – Journal 3

In chapter 6, Michael Andretti demonstrates an inconsiderate attitude towards Josephine and couldn’t care less if he had a daughter or not. Michael Andretti refers to Josephine as the ‘complication he doesn’t need in his life’ (page 65). Not only does Michael display a careless attitude towards Christina and Josephine but he demonstrates some signs of sympathy towards Josephine as he offers to set up a fund for her. Throughout further chapters, Josephine begins to realise that she is lacking something in her life, a father figure. In chapter 8, Josephine takes the initiative to call her father after landing herself in a situation where she is required to have a lawyer. In chapter 13, when Josephine goes on a date with Jacob Coote, which doesn’t end on a high note, she is walking home and Michael Andretti takes Josephine to go and get pizza. They form a strong connection and from then, stay in contact with each other.


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