Blog Post 3 – Ena Beganovic

Michael Andretti is a strong character that displays a definite sign of many of Josephine’s personality traits. Although he comes across as a strong character with very closed off emotions, he shows potential to grow softer and more compassionate towards Jose and Christina, as we see later on in the novel. The confrontation at Katia’s house that happens between Michael and Josephine signals him as a rude and stuck-up individual that wants nothing to do with his daughter. It is slightly predictable that Josephine and her long-lost father will grow a strong relationship in future times. When Michael runs urgently to Jose when she calls for help, it gives the reader a strong indication of the relationship they are beginning to form. As they initiate and sculpt more similarities between each other, their hidden bond becomes clear as their shared interest in the works of a barrister forms to be their saviour. By the end of the novel they distinguish a clear connection of love and father-daughter ship.


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