Katerina Astropalitis – Journal 2

2. In your journal:


It is important to recognize Josie’s initial perspectives on herself, her family and friends and on life.  Find a quotation which reflects Josephine’s attitude to:


Character Quotation
Her mother “Oh, great. So now I find out she regrets having me and ive stopped her from being human.”- This quote was when Josie was having a fight with her mother. (page 98)
Her father



“I quite enjoyed talking to Michael Andretti. He was a great listener and didn’t try giving unwanted advice.”- This quote was when Josie went for pizza with her father. (page 127)



“She tends to forget that all she does to Mama when they are together is nag her about the way she’s bringing me up or how she’s disrespected by not visiting our relatives.” – This quote was when Josie was about to start an argument with Nonna. (page 34)
Jacob Coote



“Jacob Coote is the most unreasonable pig I have ever met”- This quote is Josie telling Michael about Jacob. (page 126)
Poison Ivy



“We hate eachother’s guts, probably because we’ve been competitive all our lives” – This qoute is Josie describing her relationship with Ivy Lloyd (page 21)
John Barton



“Not that he is a “pretty boy” or even bursting with sex-appeal, come to think about it. – This is a quote of josie’s thoughts on John Barton (page 42)

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