Natalya Byrne- Journal 3

When Michael Andretti is first introduced into the novel he seems rude, abrupt and un-affectionate towards Josie or any aspect that includes his daughter. He describes her as a complication and blatantly says he does not want her. [page 65] During his confrontation with Josie’s mother, Christina he offers money as a ‘resolution’ this is his way of being technically included without having to build ¬†relationship with Josephine, as he has made clear prior. After his discussion with Christina he and Josie begin to argue. in this argument you can see that Josie’s words affected him in some form, this was foreshadowing for the relationship that would soon begin. Both characters at the beginning of the novel were close minded and shut off to the possibility of building a relationship. although as the book progresses Michael’s fatherly side shines through as he is quick to protect and comfort his daughter in her coming struggles.


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