Lara Tomlinson-Journal 3

In Chapter 6, Michael’s attitude towards Josie causes Josie’s perspective on having a father to drastically change. Michael was unwilling to come to terms with the idea of being a father. He didn’t want Josie as a daughter and he didn’t want to see her or love her. Michael had the impression that if he accepted Josie she was going to complicate his life. He didn’t like the idea of being a father because it would intervene with his career. He thought a seventeen-year-old like Josie wasn’t in need of a father. As Michael opened up on his opinions and beliefs Josie’s perspective of having a father suddenly began to change.

She always pictured that meeting her father would be like something from a movie. An occasion where they would ‘put their Italian emotion into gear and scream the place down’, but the reality of meeting her father was quite different. Having Josie’s father reject her and her mother was devasting for Josie and as a result, she began to retaliate and push Michael away from her family to avoid him hurting them. Josie resented the idea of him being a part of her family and began to develop a hatred towards him.  This can be evident from her statements towards Michael, “I never thought meeting you would be this boring.” (Pg. 68) “How dare you think that I want to be in your life! I don’t want you anywhere near us, especially my mother.”(Pg. 69) 


One thought on “Lara Tomlinson-Journal 3

  1. Good paragraph Lara, however there isn’t a clear topic sentence or linking sentence back to your idea. You also contradict yourself when you say Josie’s perspective began to change but then your second paragraph is all about how angry she was at Michael. Also, make sure that any number under 10 is written out in full e.g. Chapter six. When you reference the page number it is just (p.23) – not p.g. and ensure that you put a full stop after the bracket in your referencing e.g. (p.67). 🙂


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