Ruby van Hamersveld- Journal 3

Michael’s attitude towards discovering Jose in chapter 6 was very abrupt and resentful. In a heated argument between Christina and Michael, he expressed his anger or ‘fears’ saying that he “doesn’t want this” and that “I don’t want this complication in my life” (pg 65). His choice of words and tone demonstrates that his life was very comfortable before the discovery of Jose and that he fears that Jose and Christina would destroy everything. He is also very hypocritical as he said to Christina earlier (pg 16) that he ‘regrets nothing’ yet he wants nothing to do with Jose. Jose’s perspectives of having a father have dramatically changed as her ‘set views’ or ‘expectations’ of having/meeting her father did not meet to her standards which caused her to be ‘guarded’, angry and confused causing a heated argument between them. From this situation, Jose’s expectations of other people shouldn’t be ‘set in stone’ as people and situations change at any given time. She needs to learn that from Michael’s discovery of her, he needs time to think this through and that people shouldn’t be rushed into anything.


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