Alexis Hogan – Journal 3

The second encounter with Michael Andretti in the novel occurs in Chapter 6, where he is invited to brunch hosted by Josie’s grandmother. He is first heard speaking to Josie’s mother about her, as he was unaware that Christina’s pregnancy was not terminated and he in fact has a teenage daughter. On page 65, Michael states “I don’t want her…” which shows how he views Josie as a mistake and complication in his seemingly organised life and wants to keep his distance. After this conversation, she gets the opportunity to speak with him during which they argue and he comes across very cold and lacking emotion. During the novel, Josie comments on how she feels her illegitimacy has stopped her being able to fit in at her school as people judge her because of it. Josie seems to believe that having a traditional, nuclear family would have made it easier for her to be accepted, and states that because her father was never around, it was easier to hate him than her mother. After her first conversation with him, her view changes drastically and she vows never to see him again, which does not pan out as she planned. She changes her opinion on having a father, feeling betrayed that the person that she wished to see her whole life wants nothing to do with her. She also seems to agree with her mother’s premise that unless someone is prepared to support you emotionally, they should not support you financially.


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