Katerina Astropalitis – Journal 3

3. In your journal:

What is Michael Andretti’s attitude to Josie in Chapter 6? In these chapters Josie’s perspective on having a father is beginning to change.  How?

Michael Andretti’s attitude towards Josie is very formal and polite. He tries to keep a positive and calm voice while he is getting attacked by Josie. Josie is starting to see that maybe having a father was not actually that bad. Even though she wished she ha a father when she was younger, she is now starting to get the image that fathers are “not needed”.


One thought on “Katerina Astropalitis – Journal 3

  1. your paragraph jumps around a bit. Saying that ‘Josie is starting to see’… and then that ‘fathers are not needed’ contradicts each other. You didn’t have a clear point to your paragraph. Make sure that you develop a topic sentence so that you can provide evidence to support your point. Your point was unclear in this paragraph.


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