Journal 3- Chyka Steer

Josie and her father Michael had a turbulent, non-existent relationship the first few times that they meet but after a while, they became good friends. Michael’s initial attitude toward Josie was that he had no interest in having a daughter or being a fatherly figure. This is shown through the statement “I don’t want this! I don’t want this complication in my life!” (p.65). Josie always wanted a father so she wouldn’t feel so out of place and isolated from everyone else at her school; it was as if having a father would solve all of her problems. The second time she met her father they were in an extremely tense fight that led to Josie changing her mind. Josie didn’t want someone like Michael Andretti who was rude and didn’t show her any respect to be her father and she was scared that he would hurt her once again. The feeling of hate and doubt slowly crept away after Michael came to her rescue when she hit Carly in the head with a book. After a few more catch ups Michael and Josie had become quite close and were now father and daughter.


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