Mikayla – Journal 1

Josephine Alibrandi is 17-year-old Italian girl who lives in Sydney Australia. When I started reading the book my first impression of Josie is that she is a mostly self-assured, confident character who is starting to rebel a little against her culture and her responsibilities. When reading the book a little more you find out that she attends an elite all-girls school on a scholarship, she has a small group of friends, is vice-captain and has to deal with many different snobby girls at her school. She lives in Sydney, Australia in a suburb called Gleebe with her mother Christina. In the afternoons after school she usually goes her Nonna Katia’s house – this part she hates as her Nonna is quite judgemental. In the book, Josie has to overcome many different challenging situations for her to figure out who she is as a person and who she wants to be.


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