Alexis Hogan- Journal 4

In the novel, Josie’s mother and grandmother are show to have a strained relationship which has resulted from years of contention and strife. In this chapter, Christina wishes to go on a date with a man she met at work, much to her mother’s concern and distaste. Nonna claims that by going out on a date, she is abandoning Josie, which is met with much chagrin from Christina who states that she has given up her whole life for Josie and has far from abandoned her. Nonna also states that people will talk about her, and that it reflects poorly on their family and particularly on her. Christina argues that society has changed their view on unmarried mothers and has become more positive and open minded about it. Nonna and Christina also argue about Michael Andretti, with Nonna claiming that women who have children before marriage never marry themselves and leave a stain on the family honour. Christina does not believe in this view, stating that women with children do marry and have lives outside their family. She also claims that Nonna is jealous of her, as she did not go out and having a life outside of the Italian community when she had the chance due to her fear of gossip and talk among her family. As she feels that her opinions and feelings are never considered, Christina believes her mother does not understand her or her view on the world, and is overall feels very distanced and upset with her.


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