Chyka Steer- Journal 4

The argument between Christina and Nonna surfaced some hostile emotions. The argument begins with Christina revealing that she is going out with a man. It quickly escalates because of Nonna’s and Jozzie’s reaction to the situation. Nonna rapidly told Christina reasons why she should no date this man but nothing changed her mind. Firstly, Christina was outraged by Nonna’s allegations that she is abandoning Jozzie by going out with a man who she is romantically interested in. This affected Christina because she has always cared for Jozzie and now that she is older and independent Christina wants to date again. Another argument made by Nonna was that people will talk but Christina didn’t care what other people thought she was just tired of acting like and old person when she is still young. Nonna brought up the argument that she is an old woman and she is tired of fighting with her daughter and granddaughter but once again Nonna was unsuccessful in getting her point through to her stubborn daughter. Finally, Christina fought back and explained that Nonna was just jealous that she didn’t get back out there after her husband’s death and now she doesn’t want Christina to date. Even though Christina did go on her date and had a good time this argument did have an impact on their relationship.


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