Journal 5 -Ruby van Hamersveld

Christina rejects Nonna’s ideas of love and marriage because Christina believes that Nonna is still ‘stuck’ in the archaic Italian traditions and hasn’t ‘evolved’ with the growing times where ideas and perspectives have changed and people have become more daring. Christina’s perspectives have been made by the growing trends of the 20th century and realises that she doesn’t have to be ‘spoon fed’ or managed by her mother. I believe, she emancipated herself and wants to do what she wants for a change and from this argument she explains to Nonna that “Things have changed. I remember when I gave birth to Josie you told me that I would never get married because no respectable man would marry a girl with a baby. Well, you’re wrong Mama. Women with babies do get married these days. Women who are widows do go out and have better lives” (pg 96) from this Christina is trying to show Nonna that she can also change and go out and have a better life because not everyone is still stuck to the Italian regime.


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