Blog 4 – Maggie Thomas

The argument evolves when Christina mentions that she is going on a date with a man from her work, much to Nonna and Josie’s disgust. Nonna believes that people will talk about Christina and it will give a bad reputation for the family name. She also states that Christina is abandoning Josie by leaving her to go on a date with a man who isn’t Josie’s father. Christina argues this with Nonna as she has raised Josie virtually alone for the majority of her life and by going on a date is far from abandoning her. Nonna also believes that unmarried or divorced women should not go out and find love again, however Christina disagrees and states that times have changed. When Christina gave birth to Josie, Nonna said that no respectable man would ever marry her. This leaves Christina to argue that women can remarry and that Nonna is jealous because of how her life played out.


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