Blog 4-Annie Bates

The argument between Christina and Nonna focussed on the idea of unmarried mothers and being an unmarried mother in today’s society. This argument began when Christina stated that she was going on a date with someone from her work. Nonna and Josie disapproved of this. Josie, because she could potentially have a father which would affect her close relationship with her mother. Nonna, because she didn’t want to scar the family name by showing people her daughter’s single status as a mother. Christina’s point of view is that it isn’t a big deal to be an unmarried mother in today’s society because women are now seen as the same superiority as men. Nonna doesn’t believe this as she lived a life where men were far more superior to women and she lived in a time where women would never live alone and had to stay home and care for the children. This view is even stronger for Nonna as she comes from a very traditional Italian family where women couldn’t support themselves.



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