Blog 4 – Sarah Stockley

Throughout the novel, Christina and Nonna have demonstrated an overwrought relationship between them. The argument between Christina and Nonna instigated when Christine announced she was going on a date with a man named Paul Presilio. Tension arouse between not only Christina and Nonna, but Josie as well. Nonna becomes apprehensive when she found out Christina was going out with a man because she is so attached to her Italian traditions and is constantly cautious of what other Italians will say about the Alibrandi’s. “People will talk, you know,” Nonna Katia said angrily. “They always talk and it is me who suffers because of their talk, Christina. Always me.” (p95). During the novel, Christina had shown a very protective personality toward her family name, like Nonna. Although, after a while she starts to diminish her attitude towards the Italians who speak about her. “People? What people? Italians? Mama, I have already disgraced myself in their eyes and there will never be anything to change that, so who cares if they talk about me?” (p95). This argument caused Nonna to contemplate her perspective on Christina going out with other men.


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