Gabby Jeffs- blog post 4

Throughout the novel, Christina and Nonna show that they have very different views on unmarried mothers. An arguments arose between Nonna and Christina when Christina was going on a date with Paul Presilio. Nonna became worried when she found out because of her Italian background and traditions. Nonna is constantly scared of people talking, mostly Italians in their community. ‘People will talk, you know,’ Nonna Katia said angrily. ‘They always talk and it is always me who suffers because of their talk, Christina. Always me.’ (pg95). Christina doesn’t care what people thought about her anymore. She believes that in their eyes she was already a disgrace. Christina only cares about how she feels old and wants to go out and feel young again. These fights show the mother daughter relationship between them and also help change their views throughout the novel.


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