Alexis Hogan- Journal 5


Josephine Christina Katia
·       Illegitimate child of Christina Alibrandi and Michael Andretti

·       Feels as if she is not Italian nor Australian- lack of cultural identity

·       Feels pressured and restrained by her strict Italian upbringing

·       Dislikes grandmother because of the way she treated Christina

·       Believes that her Italian background is affecting the way others view her and her family

·       Italian ancestry affects her relationships with her friends and later boyfriend


·       Illegitimate child of Katia Alibrandi and Marcus Sandford

·       Not married

·       One child

·       Believes women who have children can still marry, and that society has changed its perspective on single mothers

·       Had Josephine at 17, raised her alone

·       Does not believe that her culture should affect what she does or who she does it with- finds it very controlling

·       Loves her child very much

·       Grew up in Italy

·       Strong cultural beliefs- believes women should be married to have children

·       Married to Francesco Alibrandi before his death

·       Had affair with Marcus Sandford- conceived Christina from this

·       Loves her child very much

·       Considered a hypocrite by Josephine for having an affair


Throughout the novel, Josephine and her mother and grandmother are shown to have strong beliefs about how their Italian customs should influence them and their decisions. Katia (her grandmother) grew up in Italy, and as a result has strict beliefs about single mothers and how children need a family and not just a single parent. This view angered her daughter, who believes that women with children are still able to marry and enjoy their lives. When Christina conceived Josie, her grandmother was reportedly very cold and distant towards her, which resulted in Christina not speaking to her after Josie was born. This event likely changed the nature of their relationship, and changed Christina perspective on single mothers, having become one herself. These different views were seen too often create arguments and tension in their relationship, however Katia eventually concedes that her views are stuck in the past and attempts to see Christina’s perspective. This changed perspective is a large part of the novel, as Josie’s view on her cultural identity is influenced by her mother’s blatant disregard for its rules and regulations and her grandmother’s intense belief in the cultural customs.


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