Blog Post 4- Charlotte Greer

As Cristina and Nona stem from a strong Italian background they hold certain traditions and beliefs, Nona being the mother of all has a very strong perspective towards who her daughter dates. Cristina being a single mother forces Nona to view her as impractical and against Italian tradition. On the other hand Cristina believes that societies prospective on un-married mothers has changed. In the novel a fight occurs between these two characters based on this aspect. The fight broke out because, Cristina informed Josie and Nona that she was going on a date, and however both Josie (her daughter) and Nona (her mother) strongly disagreed with Cristina. Cristina believes that seeing a man isn’t a big deal as she thinks that woman are just as superior as men. Nona begs to differ as in her past men were seen as much more superior than women and the idea of being unmarried was not to known to other and she thought she was protecting Cristina.


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