Journal 4 – Ena Beganovic

Christina and her mother are seen to have a negative relationship with constant bickering, although, one fight stands to rise as most meaningful above them all. It is precisely clear that Christina and Katia have highly differentiated views on how a mother should be living her life and to whom her relationships should exceed to. Katia believes that Christina should be married, yet her daughter is more than happy being independent and living without relying on a man. This is seen as defying the typical Italian life style. The intense fight grew on a basis of exactly those individual beliefs stated by the mother and daughter. Christina was rejected the grant of permission by both members of her family, but puts up a demanding fight, despite their strong disagreement on the act. ‘They always talk and it is always me who suffers because of their talk, Christina. Always me.’ (P.95). As can be interpreted by this quote, Nonna has an overwhelming desire to please everyone and stay out of public back-chatter. This Christina differs with, as she feels she’s already hurt and disgraced all of those around her. This fight drew to a mutual close eventually, yet it lead to a truthful discovery of the feelings and thoughts in the lives of both, mother and daughter.


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