Journal 5 – Ena Beganovic



Christina Katia
–          A young woman, school girl.

–          Unsure about her she feels regarding her Italian background.

–          Dislikes spending time with grandmother.

–          Gets very offended when people base her on her background/nationality.

–          Let’s others get to her head, yet comes across strong.





–          Young Mum.

–          Cares a lot about Josie and her up-bringing.

–          Believes if you have a child, you do not necessarily have to be married.

–          Determined to make a healthy life for her and Josie.

–          Doesn’t believe in a strict Italian lifestyle.

–          Thinks strongly of the Italian culture.

–          Older woman, mother and grandmother.

–          Very passionate about granddaughter and daughter, loves them very much.

–          Believes those with an Italian background are destined to live the Italian lifestyle.

–          Critical of other mistakes but made very large ones as well.


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