Journal 5 -Ruby van Hamersveld



Christina Katia
·       Grown up without a father.

·       Anxious on what people think as well as feeling pressured by her friends.

·       ‘Stuck’ in a zone full of expectation, reckless decision making and academic pressure.

·       Trying to find her way in life with the help of her mum and Michael.

·       Is persuades with the times and struggles to find herself.

·       Very opinionated and easily get protective when people talk about her culture
















·       Grown up with a man who didn’t love her as well as not being her biological father.

·       Strong capable woman who has raised a daughter by herself.

·       Wants only for the best of Josie

·       Her ideas about single mother with children have changed, going out with a doctor.

·       Had to learn the hard way through life

·       Doesn’t believe in the Italian lifestyle nor its traditions


·       Married a man who didn’t respect her.

·       Anxious on what people think.

·       Still ‘stuck’ in the Italian tradition (all that she has left?)

·       Loves Christina and Josie very deeply (guilty of not protecting Christina)

·       Doesn’t understand people’s ideas on certain topics e.g. women remarrying, single mothers etc.

·       Very quick to judge other people yet gets offended when someone judges her



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