Alexis Hogan- Journal 6

The author of the novel ‘Looking for Alibrandi is named Melina Marchetta. Born in 1965, she was the middle child of an Italian family who lived in Sydney, Australia. She attended a wealthy and prestigious Catholic school, however dropped out at 15 after not being confident in her academic ability. She had since gained a business and teaching degree, however now writes full time. The parallels between Marchetta and the character of Josephine Alibrandi are quite obvious, and are seen through the similar cultural and school life shared between the two. Like Marchetta, Josie attends a privileged Catholic girls and is of Italian descent, which are both large components of the novel. The author’s background influence would likely have influenced her to write the novel surrounding this character, as many of the cultural and school themes in the novel would likely only be known by someone who had experienced them. The character Josephine is shown to change her perspective on issues and mature as the novel progresses, which is likely similar to the author’s experiences of going through her teens. This book was likely written to show the author’s progressive views on the issues surrounding her culture.


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