Lara Tomlinson: Blog 5






Christina Katia
–          Doesn’t feel like she fits in with the Australians and Italians

–          Struggles with her illegitimacy


Ø  When Josie finds out that she is more Australian than she once thought she felt more comfortable and confident with her identity which assisted in her changing perspective.

Ø  Finding out about Nonna’s affair and how Christina was a result of an affair made Josie angry, however, she also understood why Nonna acted and treated Christina how she did. Knowing of her mother’s background also boosted Josie’s relationship with her mother and Nonna.



–          True father was an Australian

–          Was born from an affair

–          Is considered gorgeous

–          Got pregnant as a teenager (violated Italian standards)

–          Was Josie’s only supportive figure and was always there for Josie

–          Doesn’t have a husband

Ø  Drawing parallels between Christina’s and Nonna’s violation of traditional Italian standards from their pregnancies link the characters together making a bond between them and reveals a deeper relationship between the two. This contributes to revealing Josie’s changing perspective of her family.

–          Says that she was gorgeous once

–          Had an affair (violated Italian standards)

–          Did everything to hide her daughter and the truth from the Italians

–          Husband was away a lot, didn’t treat her right and never spoke to Christina


Ø  The parallel Nonna and Christina share is that they are both strong, independent, caring mothers who weren’t supported by a male figure. This was used to reveal a changing perspective on their relationship. In the beginning, Christina and Nonna were shown to be always in disagreement and on opposite sides, however, when this parallel is revealed it connects and bonds the two together.


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