Blog 5 – Maggie Thomas



Christina Katia
–          Grew up without a father


–          Doesn’t feel like she belongs in the Australian or Italian community



–          Two strong women in her life – doesn’t always want to listen to what they have to say


–          Doesn’t want to show her grandmother her Australian boyfriend as she is afraid she will not approve.















–          Gave birth at a very young age which wasn’t approved in the Italian community


–          Real father was Australian however she believes her father was Francesco, an Italian man.



–          Cares and loves Josie a lot (raised her virtually alone)


–          Gets annoyed when her mother tries to take control of her life

–          Left her parents at a very young age to marry a man who she didn’t love


–          Had an affair but had to keep it a secret as the Italian community wouldn’t approve



–          Came to foreign country without being able to speak the native language – thought Australians didn’t like her


–          Doesn’t like it when Josie or Christina do something which is not part of Italian culture


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