Katerina Astropalitis – Blog 5



Christina Katia
–          Josie was brought up without a male figure

–          She was raised by her single mother and her Nonna who are described as the two strongest women in the world.

–          Josie’s friends put pressure on her to get with a guy and do thing that was thought of as irresponsible

–          Josie felt pressure from her boyfriend to have sexual intercourse

–          Josie feels as if she doesn’t fit into any society , (Italian or Australian)


v  Josie’s relationship with Christina is a mother-daughter relationship. They have their ups and downs and arguments but at the end of the day, Josie still goes back to Christina. At the end, they become closer because of Michael Andretti and the secrets about their family.














–          Grew up with an Italian family

–          Was abandoned when she fell pregnant with Josie

–          Had to survive without a husband

–          Christiana is constantly being reminded of all the bad decisions she has made by Nonna.

–          She is also told by Nonna that she didn’t raise Josie to be a well-mannered child

–          Fell pregnant at the age of 16

–          Christina was considered to be pretty


v  Katia and Christina started off with a relationship were they both didn’t really communicate with each other in a loving way. Katia had the secret that her father wasn’t really an Italian, which kept them both quit distant. Also when Katia had to abandon Christina because of Katia’s husband, Christina and Katia became distant until he died. In the end, Katia tells everyone her secret and they connect.

–          Had an affair with an Australian while her husband was away

–          Katia’s husband was abusive, didn’t show any affection or love and was always away

–          Katia had a daughter Christina

–          She had to abandon Christina because whatever her husband said she had to go with.

–          She claims that she was once beautiful


v  The parallel between Katia and Josie was that they are/were adventure people who wanted to just fit in. Because they were so alike, there personalities clashed. But in the end, they formed a strong relationship.


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