Pascale Healy- Journal 6

Melina Marchetta is a novelist and author of screenplays and short fiction. One of her first novels was Looking for Alibrandi which she won many significant awards for. As well as attending a Catholic secondary herself, she has worked as a teacher in an all-boys school in Sydney which may have helped her develop a realistic school life for Josie in Looking for Alibrandi. Marchetta has included her own life experiences in this novel as she too was born into a working-class family of Italian descent much like Josie’s background, her school experience had its ups and downs and from her lack of confidence academically, she left school at 15 years of age. These hardships relate with Josie Alibrandi’s struggles and the fact that after all this, Marchetta returned to school to get her teaching credential after learning more about herself and what she wished to do and succeed in and overall maturing. This kind of maturing was what Josie gained at the end of the novel. These similarities between Melina Marchetta and Josephine Alibrandi show how Marchetta used her own life to influence the topic and plot of the story which created a relatable and interesting novel.


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